There is an overwhelming immensity to the American West which I find exhilarating and inspirational. I sense there a clarity, an openness, an absence of limits. This is largely due not only to the dramatic landscape but also to a vast skyscape, one that is often pierced by condensation trails. “Contrails” are artificial clouds created by aircraft; they are caused by condensation due to the reduction in air pressure above wing surfaces or by water vapor in the engine exhaust. I call these SkyLines. SkyLines are mirrors of ourselves. They are stories of our comings and goings recorded along pre-established aerial highways. Although these stories are usually short-lived, favorable atmospheric conditions in the American West might allow them to linger for hours. Contrails can form patterns that are beautiful and poetic. Shapes in the surface features below --- canyons, rock formations, highways, fences, and plowed fields --- are often echoes of the patterns above. I am fascinated by these shapes and the similarities between the SkyLines above and the Earth below. I view each of them as telling a different part of the same story in a visually dynamic conversation. The images in this portfolio are my impressions of some of the stories being told.

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